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Lorrae : Back home for the holidays... I can finally enjoy some quality cooking time! I'm planning to make SeaBr33z's Pumpkin-Orange Cake. It was a hit last year, and absolutely delicious mixture; two rich pumpkin rounds, with a creamy orange icing. Also going to try a new recipe from Ina Garten, a Pumpkin Banana Mouse Tart (recipe to come!). I love her recipes, but am a bit intimidated, because this one uses a double boiler (eek!). Can't wait to post a few more things, and most of all, cook my heart out while I'm home and have some time! :] Happy Thanksgiving all!
9 years ago
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Dawn Knowlton: I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the kitchen! The Pumpkin Banana Mousse Tart sounds yummy!
9 years ago
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