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Lorrae : I finally made my first home-made soup! While Matzo Ball Soup was done in a friend's kitchen (and I was the su-chef), my French Onion Soup was tackled alone, in my kitchen, and ready for my parents when they came home! I was so proud that I could actually boil water and cook something so delicious without getting burned, spilling something, or setting the house on fire. Next was Hearty Minnestrone, another hit! (Both recipes will be up soon.) Up to this point, I've only been baking, but the stove wasn't nearly as difficult or scary as I thought it would be. More stove-utilizing recipes to come!
10 years ago
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Eunice : congratulations on your first home-made soups! i'm getting hungry just thinking of your French Onion and Minestrone. and i love that you refer to them as your "stove-utilizing" recipes! i foresee many successful dishes with the enthusiasm and spirit you carry in creating more meals to be proud of.
10 years ago