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Kristan Boudreau: I'm just trying to make the Fermented Lentil Pancakes for the first time - currently 12 hours into the fermentation stage (in a bowl with plastic wrap on top). I notice there is a patch of white foam/film that has formed in the middle of the top of the batter - is this harmful bacteria that needs to be scooped off? Has it ruined the whole batch?
8 years ago
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SLK : My goal with this page is to compile all of my favorite recipes in one place which I can access online, and share with friends and family. I haven't tried all of these recipes yet, but my plan is to make my way through each one and either keep it as is, put my own spin on it, or give it the axe. I can't speak for the recipes tagged as "untried" but those which I have tried are delicious!!
10 years ago
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Matriarchy: I do that, too. I rate them with stars after I try them. Or at least, I try to remember to do that. If you use tags, you might want to have an "approved" or "tried" tag so you can find those quickly.
10 years ago