Yellow Jacket Soup

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Classification: Traditional Nation/Tribe: Cherokee & Other Eastern Cultures

Ground-dwelling yellow jackets
Although the mention of "yellowjacket soup" immediately raises an eyebrow on those unaccustomed to such a food, it is actually a delicacy and should not be criticized until tried. Only the bravest should dare to try this dish!! Secure an entire nest of ground dwelling yellowjackets when it is full of grubs. Loosen all the uncovered grubs by heating and removing them. Heat the nest with the remaining grubs over a fire until the thin, paper-like covering parches. Pick out the yellowjackets and brown them over the fire. Cooked the browned yellowjackets in boiling water to make soup and season to taste.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note:
Yellow jackets are easily angered and swarm. Obtaining a nest of these insects should only be done under the most stringent of safety precautions and by people who are experienced in collecting insects. Those people with above average levels of allergy to stinging insects should not attempt this at all. The recipes in this section are traditional recipes that may or may not be reproducable today. They are included here because of their authenticity and cultural value and should be respected for those reasons if no other. While they may not tempt your tastebuds, please remember that these recipes pre-date grocers and microwaves!

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