ashura/ashure/asure (Noah's pudding)

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a Turkish pudding/porridge said to have at least 7 ingredients: grains (wheat, rice, barley...), legumes (chick peas, various beans...), sweetener (sugar, honey, agave...), dried fruits and nuts. recipes vary from family to family, region to region so feel free to switch ingredients and adjust as you please.

traditionally made in large batches which are then distributed to friends, families or strangers as an act of good will and peace. so it's good for you and others, too. very cool article about the origin of the pudding here.

recipe from Sema Hasmer, with minor adjustsments, on KCRW's Good Food show. cut back on sugar amount in half as 6 cups seems a bit much for my taste so perhaps breaking tradition a bit as i like the sweetening it to taste more afterwards, though i guess it's no longer a pudding.

another recipe here which looks like a good variation with rose water!

yields: a lot
2 1/2 c barley
1 c chick peas
1 c dried beans
1/2 c dried apricots, chopped
1/2 c golden raisins
1/4 c currants, chopped
3 c sugar
dried figs, chopped
hazelnuts, finely chopped
walnuts, finely chopped
pistachios, finely chopped
apple rind or orange zest
1. in 2 medium-sized bowls place the barley in one and the chick peas and beans in the other, covering them with at least 2 inches of water; soak both bowls overnight.
2. fill a pot with water (1 parts barley to 4 parts water, in this case 10 cups water) and bring to a gentle boil.  cook the barley over low heat, stirring frequently, until just tender and the water is thickened. the liquid will be gooey and white.
3. add chickpeas and beans and continue to simmer.  continue to stir as beans cook.
4. like cooking a risotto, add the following ingredients slowly while stirring: apricots, figs and raisins stirring between additions to incorporate each ingredient.
5. finally add the sugar and continue to simmer to your liking. taste and adjust recipe as needed.
6. add toppings and enjoy.
Meal   BreakfastCooking Method   Simmer
Main Ingredient   Rice/GrainsCooking Time   2 hours
Features   Dairy-Free, High-Fiber, Low-Calorie, Low-Fat, Low-Sodium, Vegan, Vegetarian

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