Earl Gray gin infusion

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from SF Chronicle article. it's a base for creating the Earl Grey MarTEAni...not really a martini but just a silly play on words. more like a whiskey sour but with gin.
1/4 c loose Earl Grey tea leaves
1 liter Tanqueray gin (or other high-proof gin*)
1. add tea leaves to the bottle of gin.

2. replace cap and shake well.
3. allow the tea to steep in the gin for 2 hours; strain gently to remove the tea leaves. do NOT press the tea leaves to extract excess gin -- this can make the infusion bitter
high-proof gins*
Beefeater (47 percent)
Bombay Sapphire (47 percent)
Boodles (45.2 percent)
Junipero (49.3 percent)
Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength (45.2 percent)
Old Raj (55 percent)
Tanqueray (47.3 percent)
Van Gogh (47 percent)
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Features   Dairy-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

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