gluten-free flour mix

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so many people are gluten-intolerant so have been searching for an alternative to wheat flour for baking without resorting to buying expensive pre-made mixes.

this is more for cakes, cookies and quick sweet breads. not for yeast breads or recipes requiring more "stretch" that gluten produces. possibly add more gum?

from Scott Adams's article at (Wendy Wark's recipe)
1 c brown rice flour (require refrigeration)
1 1/4 c white rice flour
1/4 c potato starch flour
2/3 c tapioca starch flour
3/4 c sweet rice flour
1/3 c cornstarch
2 tsp xanthan or guar gum
1. mix well and store in fridge in an air-tight container; store in freezer if not used often.
2. used cup for cup in recipes such as tortillas, pancakes/waffles, and cookies. if you plan to use this flour mix for cakes, sweet breads or brownies add an additional ½ teaspoon of xanthan gum per cup flour mix.

if removing straight from freezer, allow to come to room temperature for about 30 minutes before using.
triple this flour mix recipe and keep it on hand for all of your baking needs. once you have the flour mix together you are ready for about a months worth of gluten-free baking.

info on what the particular components of gluten-free flour do:
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