hot rum cow

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serves: 1 happy drinker

yes, i like my drinks like my desserts: sweet and creamy. try this instead of the nasty eggnog that's served during the holidays.
1 c hot milk, more or less
2-4 tbsp dark rum
1-2 drops of bitters (Angostura)
1-2 tsp cane syrup (or brown sugar), to taste
1 drop of vanilla
grated nutmeg to garnish
1. stir milk, rum, bitters, cane syrup and vanilla together. taste and adjust.
2. sprinkle on nutmeg, if you desire.
3. snuggle somewhere with mug in hand and enjoy.
an alternative is to have a rum cow over ice. pour mixture over ice in a tall glass. possibly use a light rum instead of the dark.
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