September, 2006

WeGottaEat now supports sharing recipes with your friends.  All you need to know is the username for your friend. Enter your friend's username in the new Settings area and go to your recipes. You will see their recipes listed in the recipe selector on the right side. You can also search their recipes and view tags for their recipes. If you know someone that doesn't really have their own recipes but would like to use yours, have them sign up and add you as their friend. They will be able to see all your recipes. Please try it out and let us know what you think. Our next plans include making it easier to invite your friends to use the service for their recipes.

Friday, 15 September 2006  #   

WeGottaEat was recently reviewed by another website, Postbubble. While this review was not recommending us, we appreciate any criticism we can get. We will be the first to admit our service is in its infancy and is short on features, but we do feel the auther has gotten a wrong impression of what our intent is. WeGottaEat is not a food recipe portal, a place where people can go to find recipes created by others. There are plenty of those and we are not in that business (in fact we aren't in any business, this is just a fun hobby). I'm guessing nothing came up for his keyword search because he hadn't entered his own recipes. The search will only search your own recipes, not every member of the service.


The reason this service was created was to enable our wives to organize and swap their own recipes (not so much swapping right now either, but that is coming soon). It is not uncommon to see my wife transcribing a recipe over the phone from our mothers or her brother-in-law. Hopefully WeGottaEat will make that practice a thing of the past. For a lot of you, using a service like will be much more helpful. They have tons of recipes and a place to remember your favorite. We are trying to be something different.


The author also mentions that this site is not targeted at moms. Oops. I guess we'll have to do a little research and a little more work, because that's who we intended to target. Moms and the non-tech savvy please tell us what would make WeGottaEat more useful for you.


Thanks to Aneil Weber for his review.

Monday, 11 September 2006  #