November, 2006

About a mont ago we silently released a new section to this web site. We've incorporated a shopping list to help you manage your trips to the store. We haven't said anything about since it's not really done. You can add products, create your lists and print them out, but there are still some things we want to do before it's considered done. I'll describe them now...


shoplist.pngPurchase Places - For every product that you add you'll optionally be able to assign a place to it. That place can be a store, or an isle number or anything to help categories your checklist when it's printed. When you print, the items will show up grouped by the place. This should help you plan your shopping trip.


Recipe Integration - We want to make it easy to plan your meals, so we will add a shortcut to add or check an item in your shopping list while viewing your recipes. If you want to make a recipe, you'll easily be able to create your shopping list based on the ingredients of the recipe.


foodtools.jpgDesktop Tools - We know that it not the most convenient thing to always bring up our website when you want to add something to your shopping list. We've created a program that runs on your computer that makes it really simple to add and remove things from your shopping list. Just click the icon on your Windows Taskbar and viola!

Thursday, 23 November 2006  #