June, 2007

We made a couple changes this weekend based on some member feedback.


Special Characters

Now you can insert special characters into your recipes. Characters like °(degrees) and ½ can be used. We will make it easier to insert these characters at some point, but for now you have to use the ALT button on your keyboard. For example, to enter the ½ character, press and hold the ALT key on your keyboard. Then, while you're holding the ALT key, type 171 on your number pad and release the ALT key. There are many special characters you can enter in this way. See a complete list at this website


Sharing Permissions

image We have gotten several requests from you about choosing the recipes that get shared with your friends. Previously, all your recipes were shared with your friends (your current recipes and any new ones you add). Now when you add or edit a recipe you can specify who can see it. Just check or uncheck the box next to "Share this recipe with my friends" under the Save and Cancel buttons. When a friend goes to view or search for your recipe, they will only see the recipes you have checked.

Monday, 25 June 2007  #   

We've been getting a lot of feedback about this website over the past few weeks (we now have over 700 members and over 3000 recipes within the service). We've decided to start a users forum to handle all that feedback so other members can see it as well as add their own comments to it. If you are signed in, the link to the forum is up in the top right of the window. Please use the forum for anything related to WeGottaEat.com: food, recipes, shopping lists, whatever. We'll also use it as a way to get feedback on specific features we would like to add. For example, checkout the Backup Your Recipes topic and let us know what you think.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007  #   

We've had some recent feedback about backing up or exporting recipes from the website. This is the next thing we want to provide. We know you spend a lot of time adding recipes and we want you to have total access to them. We want to provide a way (or multiple ways) for you to get your recipes.


One idea is to let you download a document that contains all your recipes on 6"x4" cards (two per sheet of paper). This would allow you to print and bind them, or just keep them as a backup.


We would also like some other ideas of ways to give you access to your recipes. Perhaps a download in some other digital format. Please send us any ideas you have. Thanks

Wednesday, 06 June 2007  #   

Thanks to everyone sending feedback over the past couple weeks. Based on your feedback we've added some new things to make life better.


Direction Numbering
Instead of the grey bullets that were used before, we started numbering the steps in the recipe's directions.


Formatting for Text Fields
 Some of you like to format your steps and notes. Now you can use colors, hilites, bold and italic text as well as add links to other websites in your descriptions, steps and notes. Just use the toolbar above the text field.


Expanded Size of Text Fields
We used to just give a single line text field for notes, description and steps. Now you can enter multiple lines and an unlimited amount of text for each of those fields.


Photo Printing
Now when you print your recipe, any photo you have specified will be printed as well.


Search From Tag Links
You may have noticed that the tags listed below your recipe are now links. When you click on one of those tags it will do a search of other recipes with the same tag.


We love to hear your suggestions and comments. Please keep the feedback coming in. Over the next month we'll be introducing a user forum so we can have a better dialog with our members.

Monday, 04 June 2007  #