July, 2007

WeGottaEat does not have a public area where you can find new recipes. Until we offer that, here's a quick way to achieve the same thing. Say you've found a great recipe by searching on Epicurious.com and you want to save it in your own recipe list here. You could transcribe the title, ingredients and directions from that web page which takes some time to do.

If you're short on time, most recipe sites have a print view which makes it easy to print the recipe. Click on that link to see the printable view.




That should show a formatted, mostly text view of the recipe. Next, use your mouse to select the text of entire recipe (the description, ingredients and directions).




Copy that selected recipe to your clipboard and jump to your WeGottaEat recipe list. Click to add a new recipe. Type in the recipe title and paste the recipe body into the description box. You can select some tags to help you organize the recipe. Hit the Ok button when you're done.




You should now see the entire recipe on the View Recipe tab. It's smart enough not to show the normal Ingredient and Direction lists. You may want to add a picture from the original recipe or enter some notes about it. I find it helpful to copy and paste the link to the original recipe in the notes section.


This is a great way to keep all your recipes at one place and can save you a bit of time. If you really like the recipe you may want to come back and format it like your other recipes (when you have more time). It's also helpful to tag the recipe as one the needs to be re-formatted. Maybe use a tag like 'unformatted' or something like that to make them easy to find.

Thursday, 26 July 2007  #   

image We've made some changes recently to try and make this website easier to use. Most of them are minor and you probably won't notice them. One that you might appreciate is the ability to add one or more dividers in your ingredient list. A lot of recipes have multiple parts to the recipe, like sauces or icing for two examples. Now when you're editing your recipe, you can insert the dividers (as shown in the image to the right) and position them by dragging.


Most of the changes we've made were based on feedback from our members. This feedback is very important to us and helps make the site better for everyone. Please post your feedback in the forum. Thanks.

Thursday, 12 July 2007  #