January, 2010

image We've added a new feature to our recipes. You can now write a review and add a simple ranking of other member's recipes. This can be very helpful to the author or other member’s trying to find great recipes. If you've used a recipe from this site, go to that recipe and at the bottom, click on the "reviews" link and tell the community how you liked the recipe. Use the stars to rank the recipe from 1 to 5.

Once reviews have been written we'll expose those reviews to other members so they can find the good recipes. We’ll also use the reviews to update our recipe popularity. For now the reviews will only appear at the bottom of each recipe.

Try it out now and respond to our forum if you have any comments on how it works, or something we've overlooked.

Thursday, 28 January 2010  #   

ad1Now you can browse your recipes from your iPhone. Just navigate to http://m.wegottaeat.com on Safari in your iPhone and sign in using your WeGottaEat.com username and password. Please consider this an early release, so you can expect some issues. You can only browse and search your recipes, adding and editing is not supported yet.


If this version goes well, we will likely provide more functionality and possibly an AppStore download. Please provide feedback in our forums.


imageTIP: For quick access to your recipes, after opening WeGottaEat on your iPhone, click the Plus button in Safari and choose Add to Home Screen.

Thursday, 21 January 2010  #