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  • chewy chocolate chip cookies

    Fabulous. I just made chocolate chip cookies the other day and was saying that I was bored by my old recipe. I very much like chewy cookies, too, but I wasn't sure what changes to make to achieve that - I love your food chemistry knowledge. For recipe chewy chocolate chip cookies
    Added by matriarchy on Nov 22, 07
  • Dump Cake

    What sizes of applesauce, pineapple, and cherries? I believe I have eaten this at a potluck, but I didn't get the recipe. My kids would like making this. For recipe Dump Cake
    Added by matriarchy on Nov 22, 07
  • Bacon-Cream Reduction

    I have to try this. Maybe I will make my own veal stock, if I can find bones. If not, I will try your chicken and beef idea. LOL... I don't even know what I will do with it yet, but the mere idea of a bacon reduction is exciting. For recipe Bacon-Cream Reduction
    Added by matriarchy on Nov 23, 07
  • Crab Dip

    What were the almonds like - sliced or slivered? Is it baked in something like a gratin dish? For recipe Crab Dip
    Added by matriarchy on Nov 23, 07
  • Red Velvet Cake

    This is very similar to my mom's recipe. She used yogurt instead of buttermilk, and twice the food coloring. You even have the crunchy Crisco-sugar icing I didn't like when I was a kid! Is this one of your family's recipes, or do you know the source? For recipe Red Velvet Cake
    Added by matriarchy on Nov 25, 07
  • Crab Dip

    I've used both kinds of almonds. I guess they add flavor but mainly it's for looks. Also, be careful when broiling that you don't burn the almonds. Thqat can happen easily. I make mine in a gratin dish like shown in the picture. For recipe Crab Dip
    Added by michellekweaver on Nov 25, 07