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Recipe: Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce
This is a copycat recipe "right off the OG recipe card" but it made almost a gallon of sauce, and al...
10 yr ago
Recipe: Cheesy Garlic Baked Chicken
Serious Garlic, and super moist chicken. Shred some parmesan to put on top for the last 5 minutes of...
11 yr ago
Recipe: Quick Honey Chicken
Speedy chicken dish flavoured with sesame seeds, honey and lemon. Serves 4
10 yr ago
Recipe: the ULTIMATE grilled cheese
Just. Yum.
11 yr ago
Recipe: Orange Chicken
Crunchy Orange Chicken (Panda Express CopyCat Recipe)
10 yr ago
Recipe: Spaghetti Carbonara
Super Quick, rich and creamy, this dish makes a perfect quick dinner. Serves 4
10 yr ago
Recipe: chewy chocolate chip cookies
adapted from a Cooks Illustrated recipe that I found to be too fussy but had the perfect answer to a...
11 yr ago
Recipe: Spicy Garlic Cashew Chicken
My father found this recipe (adapted from the New York Times) for chicken coated with cilantro, garl...
11 yr ago
Recipe: Roasted Red Potatoes
Martha Stewart Prep Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 35 minutes Serves 4
11 yr ago
Recipe: Seared Salmon
Really easy, really fast, really good.  Serves 4.
11 yr ago
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