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  • Mollie Katzen's Amazing Overnight Waffles

    I make these every Saturday for my three girls. I substitute 1/2 cup of whole-wheat flour, which works beautifully. So tasty. For recipe Mollie Katzen's Amazing Overnight Waffles
    Added by douglas.brown on Jul 9, 11
  • Mac & Cheese - Updated

    I'll have to try this, but take a look at my Mac N Cheese. It calls for garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce and a dash of Tabasco. Gives it great flavor, but I like the spinach addition here. For recipe Mac & Cheese - Updated
    Added by 2ndfiddle on Dec 19, 10
  • Garden Fresh Broccoli Soup

    Overall, ingredients similar to our broccoli cheddar soup, except for the type of cheese. We also add a bit of mustard, a dash of hot sauce, and a pinch of nutmeg. But yours is freezable, where mine is not because I cook the stock and milk together. Thanks! For recipe Garden Fresh Broccoli Soup
    Added by matriarchy on Sep 5, 10
  • Chickpea& Rosemary Soup

    This looks great, I love chickpeas. Italians call them Ceci (Chayshee) and it can be used as a term of endearment. I'll bet this could be served cold in the summer months with a good crusty bread to make a delicious meal. Can't wait to try it. For recipe Chickpea& Rosemary Soup
    Added by 2ndfiddle on Aug 2, 10
  • A Clean Kitchen

    When I think of Everclear I think of trashcan punch from my wayward youth! Oh, to be able to erase the 20-some years that have passed and relive those carefree days! *lol* I knew Everclear burns cleanly when used as a fuel, never thought of using it as a disinfectant. Makes such good sense! For recipe A Clean Kitchen
    Added by on Jun 23, 10
  • A Clean Kitchen

    I am sold on using the Everclear. It has been my "go to" for the last several weeks. I have a smalish spray bottle I keep by the sink for quick reach. For recipe A Clean Kitchen
    Added by doris.clark on Jun 17, 10
  • Angel Biscuits

    Thanks Dawn re: the Heloise source for this recipe. It could be where my Mom first got it. Although I got the recipe from my Mom and then came across it again in her recipe collection a few years after she died, it is my belief the recipe was developed in the 1960s. There are 4 other published sources that I know about: (1) "A Book of Favorite Recipes",copyright 1968 by Circulation Service, Shawnee Mission, Kansas (2)"My Favorite Recipes and How I Cook Them" , Florence B. Pribble (1973) (3) Garvin County Recipe Book,1980 "Red Cookbook" series (4) and most recent... Jan Karon's "Mitford Cookbook and Kitchen Reader"(2004) For recipe Angel Biscuits
    Added by doris.clark on Jun 4, 10
  • Angel Biscuits

    Doris - how funny! Today I ran across this recipe you shared, and by chance, was going through some clippings my mother had just now and found this same recipe from a Hints from Heloise column that she had kept. :o) For recipe Angel Biscuits
    Added by on May 26, 10
  • Angel Biscuits

    thanks for the tip! great way to have instant biscuits. For recipe Angel Biscuits
    Added by blackbirdpies on Nov 9, 09
  • Angel Biscuits

    I make these occasionally. This recipe was a favorite of my Mom, and she made them often. She had several versions. One version used the following amounts: 5 C. flour, 1/4 C. sugar, 3 tsp.baking powder,1 tsp. soda, 1 tsp. salt,(sift together) 1 C. shortening, 1 pkg.dry yeast, 2 Tbsp. water, 2 cups buttermilk. She kept this larger am't of dough refrigerated in ziplock bag and used as needed over several days. For recipe Angel Biscuits
    Added by doris.clark on Nov 6, 09