Okra Pickles

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This recipe appeared in a "found" article clipped from the Star Telegram, written by Beverly Bundy in a year of the early 2000s.  She gave as her source, "Stocking Up III" by Carol Hupping (MJF Books).

Yields 6 pints
3 cups white vinegar
5 cups water
3 teaspoons celery seeds
3 pounds small okra pods, washed with stems removed
2/3 pound onions, peeled
6 cloves garlic
6 small hot chile peppers (optional)
6 pieces green pepper, 1-inch square
1. Make a brine with vinegar, water and celery seeds.  Boil in an enamel or stainless steel pot.
Meanwhile, pack okra firmly in hot, scalded pint jars.  In each jar, put 4 onions, 1 clove garlic, 1 chili pepper and 1 square of green pepper.  

Pour boiling brine over okra, leaving 1/4-inch head space.  Seal and process for 15 minutes in a boiling-water bath.
2. Let ripen several weeks before using.

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