Breakfast Pizza

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An egg and hash brown dish layered like a pizza.

Source: Mickie Page
2 lb Shredded Hash Browns
8-12 large Eggs
4 oz Finely Shredded Cheese (Cheddar or Mexican Style)
2 large Roma Tomatoes, Finely Diced
4 Green Onions, chopped
4 oz Bacon (1/4 pkg)
1. Spray the electric skillet
2. Dice the bacon small
3. Fry the bacon in the skillet till not quite crisp (leaving grease in the pan)

4. Add hash browns in the skillet about an inch thick (will shrink as cook)
5. Cook the hash browns, turning over occasionally

6. When hash browns are almost cooked, take eggs and beat them in a bowl, pour them over all of the potatoes.
7. Put lid on, leave for 5 minutes (not even peaking, using steam to cook top of eggs)
Note: Egg might not spread (and cook) evenly.  If eggs are liquidy after the 5 minutes, be sure to lift skillet and tilt around to let it spread

8. Spread cheese over the entire piece.
9. Sprinkle with tomatoes and onions.
10. Replace lid and let cook for another 3-4 minutes.


Cheese should be melted and eggs should not look wet.

Scale to the number of people with more or less hash browns and eggs
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