favorite recipe websites

Avatar Eunice
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here are a few of my go-to sites for food inspiration:

The Cooking Thesaurus
food geek that i am, this is a bookmark that i refer to often for looking up unfamiliar food terms - like what in the world is an aubergine (it's an eggplant) - or looking for food substitutions in the event that you don't have sorrel (spinach+lemon zest).

Joy of Baking
has the sort of encyclopedic info that my thirsty mind loves. even has substitutions for various baking ingredients like baking powder (1/4 tsp baking soda + 1/2 tsp cream of tartar + 1/4 tsp cornstarch).

Food Wishes
Chef John has a very down-to-earth personality and his food videos are straightforward, funny and for a chef who teaches at culinary academies, he's not too hung up on the "proper" way of cooking. just looking for good results like sumptuously flavored food.

Cook Think
more of a tool that must use some sort of algorithm to a) create meals by using 1 recipe as a jump off point to b) select a recipe for you when you input specifications like ingredients or moods...don't ask, just check it out.

Free Rice
expand your mind and help end hunger. take mini-tests on vocabulary, math, art, language, geography and even chemistry; for each correct answer, you will have contributed rice to fight hunger. so okay this isn't really about cooking but it's a good cause and gets rather addictive.

so what are yours?
Avatar Matriarchy
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I'm a food blog reader. I like the parade of food that other people are cooking. I can scroll through my Google feedreader and bookmark the ones that appeal to me (or add them right to WGE if I feel pretty certain I will cook them). I read a LOT of blogs, but these are some of my favs for recipes:

Bitten: Mark Bittman's NYT Blog
Coconut & Lime
Everybody Likes Sandwiches
The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Smitten Kitchen
White on Rice Couple

I also skim through feeds from SeriousEats.com and SlashFood.com. These two can really fill up your feedreader quickly, with goofy food "chatter", but they are also full of recipe gems. I like the summaries of national newspaper food sections, like This Weekend in NYTimes Food News - it lets me skim the newspaper food sections without reading all those papers!
Avatar Jason Snipes
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I really like Mark Bitten. He is a very good chef.

One website I really like to look at is Culinary Concoctions by Peabody. She has made some fabulous desserts. I also like to look at the photo's she takes of her food.

Epicurious.com is also a great place to find recipes. It collects all the recipes from Gourmet Magazine as well as bon appetit.

Avatar Traci Downing
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I'm addicted to the Noble Pig. This lady shows step-by-step instructions which can help a beginner how to cook. More advanced chefs can just scroll down to the actual recipe. Have fun!
Avatar Lorrae
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I'm addicted to iTunes cooking podcasts, specifically Working Class Foodies, which shows step-by-step instructions for interesting recipes all under $8 a person, and has really great shots of food cooking and being prepared. Another personal favorite, while not as artistically advanced, is Korean Cooking with Maanchi.

I also really like The Food in my Beard... yum. Great recipes there too!