To Be or Not to Be

Avatar Amy Burleson
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Will I ever really be a cook? I don't mean a good cook, I mean just an average cook? I have cooking paralysis! A kitchen is like a foreign land to me even though I have cooked for 30 years. Any suggestions?
Avatar Eunice
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Amy, perhaps you are harsher on yourself than you should be. are you stressing yourself out with complicated recipes? have you tried just focusing on basic ones and fine tuning your skills on the basics until you are more comfortable to venture on the more complicated ones? what do you crave for or like to eat?

also noticed that based on your recent post/update, your diet will be limited to gluten-free recipes which really does make it much more difficult to cook. have you ever checked out the blog Gluten-free Girl?

welcome and good luck in finding your way around the kitchen? just ask and will try to help you out or recommend you to recipes you could try out.