A recipe widget for your website

Avatar Dave Weaver
204 posts
We are working on something neat for our members that have their own website or blog. We’ve put together a widget that shows your recipes on your own website. It’s pretty simple right now because we just want to see how popular it is.

You can see an example on our blog

You just copy and paste some HTML script into your home page, configure it by setting some variables and viola. If you’re interested in testing this out for us on your own website, let us know by replying to this forum post.
Avatar Dawn Knowlton
24 posts
I have a blog that is geared toward food/nutrition and would love to have this feature for my blog!
Avatar Nicki Scheck
37 posts
If this is still available, I am interested in trying it out on my blog.
Avatar Eunice
183 posts
any thoughts on having a link to a member's blog included in their profile, somewhere and sometime in the future, like in the Info section of a member's profile?

also, i think the link to your blog is broken so we can't see your excellent example.

thanks, Dave.
Avatar Davy Vaneetvelde
2 posts
Hey, if still available I would like to try it out.