Better Recipe Management

Avatar Lorrae
28 posts
Eunice, that addition sounds great! so useful.

I had one more idea... but this might be a bit more difficult.

I'm wondering if there could be a way to narrow down the choices when searching for recipes by tag, such as a multiple-layer click system.

For instance, now you can click one of your tags, such as "Italian", and get all recipes with that tag. But what if you could click "Italian" then "entree" then "chicken", to find the recipes that fit exactly what you're looking for! Thanks!
Avatar Carolyn Beck
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I agree with Lorrae's idea...for those of us who have a large amount of recipes , a multiple-layer click system would really cut down on having to advance page-by-page under whichever tag you have chosen to locate your recipe....that can be a chore, especially if you have 10 + pages or more / tag

Great idea - i would really benefit from that !!!
Avatar Dave Weaver
204 posts
Hi everyone. Both of your requests have been recorded and will be plugged into our list of features to include.