Quicker way to edit your recipes

Avatar Dave Weaver
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Some of you may have already noticed. When you're browsing your own recipes and you hover your mouse over a particular recipe, you’ll get some options that pop up at the top-right of the listing.

Right now you can click to edit, delete or print that recipe. Once your done doing one of those, you’ll be returned back to your recipe list. That should help you get some things done a little faster. We’ll be adding more options to that list as they become available.
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neat! Its the little things that make a difference...
Avatar Dave Weaver
204 posts
We've improved this little menu.

The menu is now graphical and besides quick editing, printing and deleting you can add the recipe to your planner or to your shopping list. (Note: If the recipe is not yours, you cannot edit or delete it). This makes it very easy to build your meal plan for the week. Also, it allows you to add any member’s recipes to your planner.
Avatar Eunice
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can we add this menu to each recipe page, too, and not just the recipe list page so that i can add to menu planner and shopping list while looking at the individual recipe?

thanks Dave.
Avatar Dave Weaver
204 posts
Y. good idea.

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