Quickly Share Your Recipes

Avatar Dave Weaver
204 posts
We’ve recently added a sharing section to each recipe. Now with a couple clicks you can share your recipe on Twitter.com, Facebook.com, StumbleUpon.com, Delicious.com and even include your recipe in a WeGottaEat status update.

To do it, just browse to a recipe and click the ‘share’ link at the bottom of the page. You can click on an icon to share it with your favorite social networking website or enter an email address and message to send it to a friend.

Try sharing your latest recipe now and see how many people have viewed the recipe by clicking on the ‘view’ link next to the ‘share’ link.
17 posts
When sharing on Facebook is the default to share the first steps of the recipe? Maybe it normally shares a recipe summary, but I just don't have a summary on most of my recipes?
Avatar Michelle Weaver
7 posts
Facebook grabs the description of the webpage. If your recipe has a description filled in it will get that. otherwise it pulls content from the ingredients.
Avatar nitin pokhriyal
1 posts
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