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Avatar Dave Weaver
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We've added a new feature to our recipes. You can now write a review and add a simple ranking of other people's recipes. If you've used a recipe from this site, go to that recipe and at the bottom, click on the "reviews" link and tell the community how you liked the recipe. Use the stars to rank the recipe from 1 to 5.

Once reviews have been written we'll expose those reviews to other members so they can find the good recipes. For now the reviews will only appear at the bottom of each recipe.

Try it out now and report back here if you have any comments on how it works, or something we've overlooked. Thanks
Avatar Eunice
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Dave, is there a way for you to allow paragraphs to be created? the review i gave just ran together into one block and it's a bit hard on the eye.

also added another comment to amend my review as i obviously wasn't thinking at the time but ended up being 2 reviews, 5-stars each. not sure if you have any issues with people giving a recipe multiple stars when it's actually just one review...though i guess Margot might not have any objections.

this would be helpful for when somebody completely changes their mind about a recipe and gave it the opposite of the original score...but when would that ever happen?

hope that the Reviews and the Member Updates will have a prominent place on the Home page. it's a good way of showing people what's happening on WGE and what the really good recipes are.

i reviewed Margot's recipe Best Macaroni and Cheese.
Avatar Dave Weaver
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You created paragraphs the correct way, it just wasn't showing up correctly. It's fixed now. Also, you can edit a review immediately after you submit it. Once you leave the recipe though, you're only allowed to delete it (for up to a week after). Once that week is up, the reviews are permanent, you cannot change or delete the review.

We have not surfaced the reviews at all yet. We want to make sure they are working right. We will use them to rank popularity and show them at different places throughout the site. The only thing that happens now is an email is sent to the owner of the recipe.

Thanks for submitting one.
Avatar Traci Downing
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Thanks for the awesome feature, Dave. I know I enjoy knowing what people think of my recipes and I'm sure others feel the same about their own. I've already taken advantage of this feature and I will continue to leave feedback as I try recipes.
Avatar Eunice
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have you figured out how many points the reviews will give the member, yet? will they not get any points if say the member received a 1-star review vs. 10 points for 5 stars? or will it even get them negative points?

more thoughts, later.
Avatar Eunice
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well recently haven't been able to add reviews to other people's recipes. tried to review Margaret's Herbed Carrot Soup (which was really good!!) but it didn't take. somebody else posting to Member Updates had mentioned that she was unable to do that, either.

i sent a screenshot for you. if you can see from the screenshot, the review was "posted" but looking on the reviews tab, number says 0. and when i click away, my review was lost. thanks, Dave.
Avatar Rita Bacik
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How come you never receive answers to problems with the site? I'm a Legacy Member and cannot download any new recipes!
Avatar Lott Family
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I haven't been able to write a review. I keep getting an error message that says there is already an open DataReader that needs to be closed. I don't know how to deal with this error and I have not gotten any response from Support. I also get this message when I try to write a comment. I have posted this problem in the Forum before and it has had over 500 views, but no one has responded. It is frustrating not being able to utilize the site to its fullest.