Carlos & Pepe Mexican Tuna Dip

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The best tuna dip around!
Makes about 2 cups
1 can (6 1/2 ounces) white albacore tuna in water, well drained
1 1/3 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup chopped onion
3 to 5 medium jalapenos (or canned jalapenos), seeded and finely chopped (see note)
20 to 30 fresh cilantro leaves
1 tsp ground white pepper, or to taste
1/4 tsp salt, or to taste
1. In the container of a food processor or a blender, place tuna, mayonnaise and onion; process until smooth.  Add jalapenos and cilantro leaves to taste, processing until peppers and leaves are chopped fairly fine.  Blend in white pepper and salt.  Refrigerate several hours or overnight to allow flavors to develop.  Taste and adjust seasonings.  Serve cold with tortilla chips. 
Use gloves when working with jalapenos.  Add peppers sparingly; they are very hot!

Serving size is 1 Tablespoon
49 calories, 2 g protein, 3 g fat, 3 g carbohydrates, 4 mg cholesterol, 110 mg sodium
Meal   SnackCuisine   Mexican
Dish   AppetizerMain Ingredient   Fish
Prep Time   less than 15 minutes

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