FAQ: Pro Account

What's a Pro Account?

Pro accounts are a way that you can support WeGottaEat if you find that it helps you to be more organized and productive. For only $15 per year, you have full access to everything we offer on this website, including:
Also, we will continue to improve the functionality of this website for everyone, however we may also limit some features to pro-only members. Some of the features we have coming are nutritional content for recipes, cookbooks, PDF downloads of recipes and cookbooks.

Aren't sure if a pro account is worth it?
No problem, for most people the free accounts will work just fine for managing and sharing your recipes. But think of it this way. Operating a high traffic website like ours is not free, and for as little as a cheap cup of coffee each month you can support our efforts and keep things running smoothly around here. We greatly appreciate it!

Upgrade to a Pro Account


How do I request priority help?

As a Pro Account member, priority help puts your request for help in the front of the line. Normal support is handled through our forums on a first-come, first-server basis. Make sure you submit your requests for help by our Pro-only help form and you'll be the priority.


What's the limit on recipes?

As a Pro Account member, you do not have a limit on the number of recipes you can manage on this website. Free accounts limit the number of recipes to 30. If you become a Pro Account member for a year and decide to become a free member at any point after that, you be able to access all your recipes, but you won't be able to add new recipes if you're over the free account limit.

NOTICE: Legacy Members will continue to have unlimited recipes forever.


When does my Pro Account expire?

Your Pro Account lasts for 1 year (365 days). After that you can sign up for another year as a Pro Account or revert automatically to a free account (at which point you'll still have access to all your recipes, you just won't be able to add more than the free account limit).

View your Pro Account membership page for your specific expiration.


What are early-access features?

As a Pro Account member, you'll be able to participate in early-access (sometimes called beta) tests for new features. You'll be given the chance to help shape how new features work. This was common place for all members when WeGottaEat was starting up, but now it will be reserved for our Pro Account members.


Why do we have advertisements?

A major portion of our membership is made up of free accounts. To support the costs of free accounts we display advertisements at various places around our website. Advertisements provide us with enough income to cover the costs of hosting and bandwidth. As a member, you have the option of supporting us through a Pro Account which removes all ads from your pages.


What is a 'Legacy' Member?

If you joined WeGottaEat as a member prior to February 18th, 2010 you are considered a Legacy Member. That is the day we started our Pro Account memberships. These members have helped us become what we are today, and for that we are grateful. To show our thanks, all Legacy Members will continue to have unlimited recipes forever. If you have become a member after the previously mentioned date, you will need to become a Pro Account member to get unlimited recipes.

Thank You Legacy Members!!