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1 tub cool whip thawed
1 1/2 gal vanilla or coffee ice cream
1 jar Mrs. Richardsons hot fudge or 2 Hershey's hot fudge
1 pkg oreo cookies
1 lasagna or throw away tin
1. Crush the Oreo cookies and spread into the bottom of the pan.  
2. Second layer is the ice cream. If square-cut away the cardboard and slice the ice cream to cover the cookies. Spread evenly as it starts to thaw. 
3. Place in the freezer (about 20 minutes) or until the ice cream hardens before the fudge layer.
4. Now heat the fudge until spreadable and top the ice cream.
5. Place in the freezer again to harden.
6. Spread the cool whip on top and freeze a few hours or overnight.   
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