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  • Cheese Puffs

    These "poof" up a lot and spread. Make them small. For recipe Cheese Puffs
    Added by margot.moore on Nov 20, 12
  • Earl Grey Cookies

    oh wow, Margot...this seems brilliant!!! have you tried it, yet? who would ever have thought to add the leaves to cookies. so perfect for Afternoon Tea! For recipe Earl Grey Cookies
    Added by blackbirdpies on Apr 11, 10
  • Artichoke Hors d'Oeuvres

    oh, wish i had seen this the other day when i was scrambling to find something for my dinner party! this would have been good with the slices of baguettes. maybe i'll try this tonight. thanks again, Margot! Happy New Year! For recipe Artichoke Hors d'Oeuvres
    Added by blackbirdpies on Dec 31, 09
  • Best Macaroni And Cheese

    yummmm!! and so easy, too. didn't have Romano on hand so substituted it with Asiago. also used shells (conchiglie) instead of macaroni noodles as the shells scooped the luscious cheese sauce into your mouth and i love that cheese sauce. didn't use the whole stick of fatty goodiness for the bread crumbs, mainly because i used whole milk instead of skim in the sauce (hehe...also added cream which was overkill) and made a bechamel sauce which meant 2-4 tbsp of butter in the sauce so i needed to switch that fat around somehow; i'm a fat glutton but realize that i need my limits, sorta'. thanks so much for the recipe, Margot! bread crumbs sprinkled on top just really sent my mouth into food heaven. For recipe Best Macaroni And Cheese
    Added by blackbirdpies on Nov 28, 09
  • Cherry Bon-Bons

    These take a little work, but are worth it! They are actually cookies, not candy! For recipe Cherry Bon-Bons
    Added by margot.moore on Nov 22, 09
  • Best Macaroni And Cheese

    Use Vermont or New York Cheddar - they are some of the sharpest cheeses! For recipe Best Macaroni And Cheese
    Added by margot.moore on Nov 22, 09
  • Heavenly Rum Cake

    This looks absolutely delicious! One of my favorite cakes. For recipe Heavenly Rum Cake
    Added by Lorrae on Aug 13, 09
  • Grape Salad

    From Carolyn Beck For recipe Grape Salad
    Added by margot.moore on Jul 5, 09

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