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Matriarchy: We recently got a Walmart superstore near us. Normally, I am not a Walmart fan. But they are getting better press about their produce lately (see Atlantic article below). But my favorite thing is this frozen pizza dough they get from a NY bakery. We but about 10 at at time, for $1.18 each. There is always dough thawing in our fridge, and we all make our own specialties. No one likes mine as much as I do. I make thick white sauce with Parmesan and a lump of frozen pesto, spread it on pizza dough, and topped it with cheddar and bacon bits - sometimes leftover chicken. But the weirdest was when I spread cold, thick, Ham-n-Bean soup on dough, and sprinkled it with cheddar. I though it was like a handy way to eat bread and soup. Everyone else thought it was gross.
9 years ago