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Matriarchy: Almost-chilly rainy evening. Time to turn on the oven! Roast chicken, peach cobbler, and cauliflower sauteed in garlic oil. My house smells AWESOME! First time for this peach cobbler recipe. I have never had a recipe that asked me to pout boiling water over it, before. But it looks fabulous - sugar-crackly crisp crust with pockets of thick peach loveliness. Everyone else better hurry home, or I will eat it ALL UP! Peach Cobbler
8 years ago
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Doris Clark: Peach pie/cobbler is my most favorite of desserts. Can't wait to try this peach recipe. It's really different from any cobbler recipe I've made. I know your family loved sitting down to the table for this meal. Happy cooking and eat'n.
8 years ago