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Matriarchy: I have been exploring a recipe site called It appears to be a collection of recipes from professional cooks - mostly excerpts from cookbooks. I wonder if it is a collaboration with publishers that have a lot of older cookbooks in their catalogs - they they affiliate links to places to buy the books. I have found some good recipes (like the Sweet Potato Gratin I recently added). But many have typos - and there are complaints about persistent recipe errors in their forums. I find the search awkward, and there is no way for me to sort, tag, or otherwise organize the recipes I favorite. I do enjoy the cook profiles - they feature some famous chefs, like Marion Cunningham, but I notice she has only 40 recipes from her vast body of work. I don't enjoy the excessive advertising - ads print when you print a recipe, which uses extra paper and ink. I have stopped printing from the site, and instead copy recipes over here to WGE.
7 years ago