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Matriarchy: Today is my 50th birthday. I have a lot of plans for the upcoming year. One of them is to try to transfer most of my 800+ bookmarked recipes to WGE. Yeah, I already have a lot here, but I have a huge backlog. I am going to try to schedule periodic afternoons where I just add recipes for a few hours.
7 years ago
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Janice Cook: Hope you had a good birthday. I'm not always in the mood to enter in recipes but once I get in a groove it's so nice to have them in. The more that are in here the more choices I have when I plan for the week. I also have a huge backlog and more recipes than I could try in a lifetime at the same time.
7 years ago
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Margaret : Hope you had a great birthday - sorry I'm so late! Can't wait to see all of your new recipes on WGE! :)
7 years ago