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Matriarchy: My DH is home for the weekend - the first time I will see him in 2 months, and I won't see him again until Thanksgiving. He has been living on canned food, take-out, and cereal, so I am stuffing him full of home cooking! (Not my only plan for him, of course.) Steak, mashed, real gravy, broccoli, and brownies tonight - fundamental man-food. Breakfast is eggs, cheese grits, scrapple, and toast with homemade peach jam. Lunch is his fav broccoli-cheddar soups, and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Dinner might be homemade pizza. Sunday breakfast is waffles and bacon. Non-stop family favorite food, until he can barely fit back in the bus back to grad school. And some baked goods in his luggage.
9 years ago