All-Purpose Peach Topping

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Not as thick as jam, or as thin as sauce, this chunky peach topping is good on toast or biscuits, as an oatmeal or yogurt sweetener, as an ice cream topping (warm!), with soft cheese for crackers, etc. I put it in quart containers and freeze or refrigerate it, but you could also can it like jam in a water bath.

7 pounds fresh peaches, peeled, pitted and chunked
2 cups of sugar
Juice of a lemon (1-2 Tbl)
A pat of butter
Sprinkle of nutmeg

I make the peach chunks like half-slices, and smash them with a masher while it cooks down, but you could also chop the peaches for a smoother consistency and less mashing.

Put everything but the butter in a large pot. Cover and let sit for an hour to begin macerating.

Uncover and cook over medium heat. Every 20 minutes for an hour, stop by the pot and mash it down. I like to use a vintage cast iron potato masher. Put the butter pat in once it starts to heat up, to reduce foaming. I set a timer, so I remember to come back while I am working other tasks. After an hour, you should have a pot of thick chunky stuff that shows signs of jelling. Turn off heat and ladle into containers.

Cool before refrigerating or freezing. Makes about 3 quarts. I put one in the fridge and two in the freezer.


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