Camp Stew

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This is how Mammy (Dianne's Grandmother Martin) taught her to make camp stew. This was traditionally eaten in her family for Christmas Eve. Dianne says, "When I think of love, I think of Mammy and Camp Stew."
4 chicken breasts
3 c chicken stock
2 baking potatoes (cubed)
2 onions (finely chopped)
1 stick margarine
3 cubes boullion (chicken)
2 cans peeled whole tomatoes
3 large kitchen spoons Heinz Ketchup
3 large kitchen spoons Heinz Chile Sauce
2 cans white cream style corn
salt and pepper to taste
1. Boil chicken the day before you plan to make stew. Cut into small cubes. Strain then refrigerate broth overnight.
2. Remove and discard hardened fat from broth.
3. Put broth in large stock pot and start to heat.
4. Add margarine, bouillon, onions, and potatoes. Let cook at slow boil for 20 minutes.
5. Add chicken and reduce heat. Cook another 45 minutes or until liquid is reduced by about 1/2.
6. Puree tomatoes and add to pot.
7. Add ketchup, chili sauce, salt and pepper.
8. Let simmer on medium low for about 1 hour.
9. Strain corn over a bowl. Pour 1 can's worth of water over corn in strainer and mix to release liquid.
10. Pour about half of the corn liquid and the corn kernels into the pot.
11. Stir often and heat only long enough to warm the corn.
From Dianne Martin Green. My BFF.
Cuisine   SouthernDish   Soup
Cooking Method   StewedMain Ingredient   Chicken
Style   One Dish Meals

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