Avon Crisp

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Auntie Dot's legendary rice krispie cake recipe that has adults and kids alike begging for a second piece.
200 g butter
200 g marshmallows
200 g toffee, broken into pieces
1 box Rice Krispies
1. Put the butter, marshmallow and toffee into a large saucepan over a low heat to melt and stir from time to time.  Once completely melted into a gooey liquid, turn off the heat and pour in enough rice krispies to coat them all.  Turn over with a wooden spoon to ensure they are all coated with goo.
2. Turn out into a large dish lined with baking paper and leave to cool.  Once set, lift onto a large cutting surface and cut into squares.  Alternatively, spoon into individual paper cases - sticky & fiddly work!


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