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You can make this cheesecake whatever flavour you like - add raspberries to the lemony mix or use any fruit in addition or instead. Substitute digestive biscuits for ginger nuts and add chocolate chips to the biscuit base and make the topping lime, or use Bastogne or Chocolate Hob Nobs.... the choice is limited only by your imagination!
110 g Digestives or Ginger Nuts etc, crushed
50 g butter
1 large pot creme fraiche
1 tub palin cream cheese
condensed milk
2 lemons, or any other fruit of your choice
1. Melt the butter over a gentle heat, add the crushed biscuits and pack gently into a greased tart dish or whatever you will be serving the cheesecake from.
2. Beat the crème fraîche and cream cheese together until thoroughly mixed and slightly thickened.  Add the juice of both lemons (or limes if that's what you're using) plus some zest.  Mix well.  At this stage you can also add some cream if you have decadent taste and want it really velvety...
Add a generous gloop of condensed milk to taste - this serves as the sweetener so it depends somewhat on personal taste how much you should add.    Keep sampling as you add - remember, you can always add more but you can't take away!
As an optional extra and depending on what base you have used, you could swirl through some raspberry or blackberry juice for a dramatic dash of colour or some whole, squashy raspberries, or some pureed fruit - whatever takes your fancy.
3. Once the biscuit base is completely cooled, pour the creamy mix onto crumbs and refrigerate until set.
Decorate with some crumbled Flake, some grated chocolate, a sliced strawberry, some mint leaves, a couple of bluberries....
Meal   DinnerCuisine   European
Dish   DessertPrep Time   15 to 30 minutes


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