Kaiser Rolls

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Not just your ordinary dinner roll, these Kaiser Rolls look exquisite on the table.
12 Rhodes Texas™ rolls, thawed but still cold
1 egg, beaten
sesame or poppy seeds, if desired
1. Combine two rolls and roll into a 12-inch rope. Roll rope in flour. Tie each rope into an overhand knot. Bring one end of the dough over the top and tuck down into the middle. Bring the other end of the dough through the center, going the opposite way. Place on a large sprayed baking sheet. If desired, brush with egg and sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds. Cover with sprayed plastic wrap and let rise
Meal   DinnerDish   Bread
Cooking Method   BakedStyle   Picnic
Prep Time   15 to 30 minutesCooking Time   15 to 30 minutes

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