Copycat Sicillian Pepperoni Rolls

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Copy of Old Chicago's yummy appetizer.
1. Ingredients:

- Pizza dough (enough for 1 pizza - I've used a number of different mixes and recipes, and the only one I don't recommend is the Pillsbury kind that comes in a tube)

- 1 package pepperoni

- 1 cup shredded mozz cheese

- 1 cup (or a few slices) Pepper Jack cheese

- 6 green onions, sliced

- Caesar or Ranch salad dressing (this seems to be the "magic" ingredient - the tangier the dressing the better!)


Mix the dough according to the directions, roll it out into a thin rectangle and slice it into 6-8" long strips. Top each strip with pepperoni, cheese, green onions, and a fairly generous amount of Caesar or Ranch dressing. Roll the strips from end to end like a cinnamon roll - whichever side ends up flatter will be used as the "bottom". Place a pepperoni on the bottom and put the roll on a greased cookie sheet or baking pan. Bake for 18-20 min at 425 (or until dough is golden brown). I've also tried rolling up the entire piece of dough (kind of like a stromboli) and slicing off the circles...but it didn't work as well, in my opinion. It's not really slice-able and it ends up smooshing a tearing.

Before serving, I sprinkle with garlic salt and parmesan cheese and serve spicy marinara sauce for dipping.Enjoy!

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