Vietnamese head cheese

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Vietnamese head cheese is made of parts of pig head such as ears, nose and tongue, combined with some spices
4 pig ears
1 pig nose
50 gram wood ear mushroom
1 onion
2 tbsp black peppercorrns
Seasoning, fish sauce, pepper, salt
1. Step 1:
Wash pig ears and pig nose with salt, shave off all the hair and then boil them
Step 2:
Wash wood ear mushroom, cut the root and soak in boiled water in about 3 or 5 minutes then take them out and slice slightly.
After cooling ears and nose, slice them slightly
Step 3:
Fry whole black peppercorns, then take it out and set aside.Add a little oil into the pot, turn down the stove, put ears and nose in and stir-fry briefly
Step 4:
Put ingredients into the mould, stuff firmly. If it is possible, put something heavy above to press Vietnamese head cheese. You can cool Vietnamese head cheese in the cool compartment of your refrigerator in a couple of hours to have a beautiful cylinder.


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